Learn Calculus the Intuitive Way

The purpose of this site is to help you learn calculus in an intuitive way. What do I mean by that? I mean that I will do my best for you to get the intuition behind every concept and formula. It is not common to learn this way, sometimes takes more time, and can sometimes be harder. There are, though, some really attractive advantages to this approach:

  • It is more fun. Rote memorizing and solving routine problems like a machine takes out the pleasure from learning. Understanding the intuitive idea that inspired Newton to invent the basic notions of calculus is rewarding at a different level.
  • You will remember the material far better. Reaching an intuitive grasp of a concept or formula is a really distinct achievement for your brain (an a-ha moment). This distinctiveness will help you recall the material when you need it. In an exam, for example.
  • You will develop intellectual skils that will serve you for life. Trying to understand the intuitive idea behind a concept or a formula sometimes requires more effort than simply memorizing it, but the effort is intellectual training.

Now that maybe you are a little curious about this way of learning, let's talk about how we'll go about it.

In this site you will find explanations and examples that I consider more intuitive that the standard way of presenting the concepts. Sometimes I give algebraic deductions when they are absolutely necessary, but I focus mostly on the intuition, and then on solving standard problems that you will find on textbooks and calculus exams.

Whether you are at high-school or college taking a calculus course, preparing for a standarized test, or self-studying calculus just for fun, you can tremendously benefit from this website. You can use it to complement your textbook or course material, or use it as your main learning resource.

Learning calculus takes some time and dedication, but I hope I can help in making it a rewarding and fun experience.

Where to Begin?

This site covers all the topics in a first calculus course, and it is expanding to cover topics beyond that. If you are already taking a course in school, you can immediatelly visit the topics you need some reinforcing in. To find what you need you can use the search function located at the left column of this and every page.

If you have the time, I recommend you to visit even the pages about topics you think you understood well. The intuitive approach that I use may help you gain another perspective, or reinforce an idea that you aren't very sure about.

Be sure to bookmark this site, or even better, subscribe to my free e-zine to receive weekly study tips and other bonuses.

If you have no clue about where to start, follow the sequece:

  1. Functions: This topic is not usually covered in a calculus course. Understanding functions and knowing how to deal with them is essential for a real understanding of calculus, though. 
  2. Limits: This is the topic most calculus courses start with. The idea of limits is the basic underlying theme in calculus. Spend some time on these pages if you want to deeply understand this idea.
  3. Derivatives: The derivative, together with the integral, form the inseparable duo in calculus. The derivative can be seen as a generalized slope, or rate of change. It is essential in all sciences. 
  4. Integrals: The integral generalizes the idea of area. As the derivative, it is essential for all sciences. Immerse yourself in these pages to understand this concept and get some practice solving problems.

In all these pages you will learn about these concepts by first forming an intuition, then solving common problems that apply these concepts. 

Who am I?

My name is Pablo Antuna and I'm just a guy passionate about math and teaching. I decided to create this site so I can teach calculus the way I wish I had been taught it, and to share my passion for it. You can learn more about me in the about page.

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