Start to Learn Calculus the Intuitive Way

The purpose of this site is to make calculus fun and exciting to learn for you. Is this possible? I think so, because there is nothing more fun than learning something new. And I mean really learn. 

You know that feeling when something just clicks in your head, right? That's what I'm talking about...

Whether you already have some experience or you are just starting out you can tremendously benefit from this site. 

Learning calculus is hard work, I won't lie to you. However, hard work doesn't need to be tedious or boring. When I say hard work I mean that you will need to put on the time and dedication. 

In this site you will learn calculus the intuitive way, that is, forming an intuitive understanding of the concepts. With this understanding, the rest will be easier for you. 

What I mean by this? Let's say, what do you think you will remember better. Something like this?

The definition of the derivative

Or something like this:

Intuitive idea of the derivative

The graph is easier to remember for most people.

Let me tell you a secret...

The difference between students that get A's and the rest is in how they approach learning. It's not intelligence!

"A" students form an intuition of the concepts, using a graph like this one, for example. The rest just nervously copy the formulas the teacher writes on the board, then they try to memorize.

Of course, after you formed an intuition, writing the equation will be easy for you with some practice.

Where to Begin?

This site covers all the topics in a first calculus course. If you are already taking a course in school, you can immediatelly visit the topics you didn't really understand.

Even if you think you understood a topic well, I recommend you to visit the pages about them. You may have new insights...

Be sure to bookmark this site, so you can return to it again and again. The sequence you may follow to learn calculus is:

  1. Functions: This topic isn't usually covered in a calculus course. It is essential for a real understanding of calculus, though. That's why I created a series of pages about it. This is the place to start if you never saw calculus before...
  2. Limits: This is the topic most calculus courses start with. The idea of limit is the central idea of all calculus. In this pages you will learn the basics of them...
  3. Derivatives: The derivative is one of the two most important concept of calculus, the other being the integral. The derivative can be seen as a generalized idea of slope or rate of change, and it is essential for all sciences...
  4. Integrals: The integral is a generalized idea of area. As the derivative, it is essential for all sciences. 

In all these pages you will learn about these concepts by first forming an intuition, then solving common problems that apply these concepts. 

Who am I?

My name is Pablo Antuna and I'm just a guy passionate about math and teaching. I decided to create this site so I can teach calculus the way I wish I had been taught it. You can learn more about me in the about page.

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